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Sunday, December 7, 2014


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

by Val Koinen
December 7, 2014

Here we go -- some refreshingly truthful reporting on the realities of and powers behind the disgustingly degenerate and culturally destructive groups known as 'Femen' and 'Pussy Riot' -- poisoners of the minds of countless young White people around the world.

You don't have to be a Christian or even a believer to understand the historical reality that Christianity has indeed been one of the mainstays of Western Civilization down through the centuries, since Roman times.  So it stands to reason that if a malevolent, adversarial group was determined to destroy White, Eurocentric societies, one effective way to do that would be to attack Christian values.

You don't have to be a goody two-shoes blue-nosed moralist  in order to value acceptable, healthy societal behavior, wholesome family values, and certain standards of righteous individual behavior.  So any decent-minded White American should be able to see immediately that the groups described in the article linked above are dedicated to promoting the rot of the fabric of our White culture; weakening the foundations and tearing down the structure of Western Civilization itself.

You don't have to be an evolutionary biologist, a geneticist, or a physical anthropologist, or even just a male chauvinist pig, to see that efforts to promote the depraved and unnatural tenets of radical feminism are aimed at destroying healthy White societies.

Have no doubt -- the activities described in the above article are clearly designed and perpetrated to weaken, and ultimately corrode and destroy all three:
  • Christian values
  • morality and healthy standards of behavior
  • White male stature and potency
They are intended and designed to promote degeneracy, immoral and/or amoral unnatural behavior, and societal disruption.

Sunday Bonus:

Along those same lines, here is another sick, disgusting article gleefully presented by Jew-controlled CNN and their dreadlocked house Negro LZ Granderson. Sheer depravity; nauseating filth, and (anger-stimulating and hate-provoking) outrageousness being 'normalized' by the Jewish mainstream media.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

Guest contributor Fin Lander offers some insightful analysis of more Jewish shenanigans -- V.K.

by Fin Lander
December 6, 2014

The swarthy Jew, Michael Welner, has produced an online survey wherein participants rate the "depravity" level of various elements of violent crimes. The stated goal of the survey study is to gather survey answers from large numbers of online participants, and then to use those answers to formulate an index of how depraved a specific type of crime is, based on factors such as the elements of the crime and the intent of the perpetrator.

Jew Doctor Michael Welner
Jew Doctor Michael Welner. Wants to determine what is evil and what is not evil, based on the survey responses of millions of American Goyim.

Fox News reports that the raw data for the index will be collected using a type of mob-rule style of mass perception from possibly millions of Americans, most of whom have been brainwashed their entire lives by Jewish influence and control over societal areas of education, entertainment, news media, government, fashion, etc. The depravity index that will result from the research has been given the moniker "Depravity Standard," to reflect that the conniving Jew Welner -- and his cabal of other pernicious Jews and Cultural Marxists at the "Forensic Panel" in New York -- are the rightful determiners of the answers to questions of morality. The index will then be used by law enforcement when investigating and charging crime and by prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges in criminal court proceedings.

Steven Edwards at Fox News:
"The survey is believed to be the first criminal justice project to reflect the influence of one person, one vote, in a manner that enables future jurors, future families of victims and even perpetrators -- because they're invited to participate as well -- to directly fashion an aspect of criminal sentencing that may one day affect any person's life."
This is slow-pitch softball, folks. It's not difficult to see what is afoot with this type of "study" and the resulting "talks [that] are already under way with state officials around the country . . . ." Our first clue as to the true purpose of developing a "depravity index" is in the Fox News report's prominent display of a photographic portrait of Adolf Hilter next to a mugshot of the depraved freak Charles Manson. The connection for the Fox News reader is clear: when you go to take this survey, anything that may remind you of Hitler or National Socialism or White nationalism or "hate" or "discrimination" should be rated as very depraved.

Next, we have the survey questions themselves. Many of the questions involve such notions as whether the perpetrator meant to "emotionally traumatize" the victim, or whether the intent of the perpetrator was based on "prejudice." Any thinking person can see that this research is designed to demonize perfectly healthy thoughts and feelings related to "hate" and "discrimination" and the like that any person -- criminal and non-criminal alike -- experiences during life. Such thoughts and feelings -- when rightfully concerned about oneself, one's family, one's friends, one's community, one's nation or one's race -- are natural and healthy. As such, they ought to always and everywhere be entirely and eternally lawful.

In short:
  • Millions of Americans who have already been brainwashed throughout their lives by Jews are to take a survey to gather raw data for the creation of a "Depravity Standard" that law enforcement and courts will use in criminal justice systems throughout the United States.
  • Many if not most of these Americans foolishly and suicidally believe that anything related to White separatism, or White racial realism, or White awareness of the Jewish Problem, etc., is a vile and evil depravity of the first order.
  • Given this survey respondent demographic, the Jew Werner and his undoubtedly Jewish and Cultural Marxist team designed the survey to include multiple questions about crime elements related to "emotions" and "prejudice."
  • The outcome of the survey research will lead to legislation and policy in law enforcement and courts throughout the United States. The Jew Werner will see to it that crime elements involving anything that can be deemed "hateful" or "prejudicial" rank very high on the "Depravity Standard" index and are deserving of the most severe indictments and punishments.
In addition to any bona-fide benefits the research provides to law enforcement and courts, any crime, real or imagined, involving a White person who has done anything that can be deemed "hateful" or "prejudicial" will not only be prosecuted to the fullest extent vis-á-vis the depravity index, but will be paraded by the media, to create as much pressure as possible on law enforcement and courts to pillory White nationalists, White racial realists, White separatists, etc.

If you are a White person of one or more of these noble and honorable types, then don't count on this Jew-produced "Depravity Standard" stopping at violent crimes. Coming soon to a courtroom near you: your life in prison, or worse.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month Posting)

by Val Koinen
December 2, 2014

I would ask the reader to remember -- the primary purpose of a 'Jew Awareness Month' is to help some of us concentrate on, and to encourage the spreading of, Jew-awareness to our uninformed and unaware friends and family.

We White Nationalists, of course, are already painfully aware of the poisonous, malevolent, and potentially lethal anti-White behavior of the complicit and culpable Jews. We don't need a special month to be Jew-aware. We should work toward exposing the Jew menace every day of the year.

The point of setting aside a J.A.M. is to remind us, during this month of holiday gatherings of friends and family, to focus on the Jewish problem and do everything we can to inform and educate those close to us in the ways of our Jewish adversaries. In order to do that, we need to be well informed ourselves when it comes to all the many aspects of Jewish perfidy. And one way to do that, and to convey that critical awareness to other, less well informed kinsmen, is to 'spread the word' via emails and social media, in addition to taking advantage of conversational opportunities.

One of the most important and serious problems caused by the Jews in today's America is their vastly inordinate influence on our government and political system, and especially with regard to Israel and our foreign policy. With that in mind, I am offering the links provided below as kind of a short-course, mini-education on the subject -- a way of familiarizing yourselves and your acquaintances with the essence of this very serious, immensely dangerous and threatening problem.

For starters, here is a very comprehensive and informative forum thread with numerous videos and links to other articles:

VNN Forum thread re: the Israel Lobby

For those who have the time to delve more deeply into this topic, I would offer the very important book:

'The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy' by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

The book is available and reviewed on amazon.com.

This is perhaps the standard and most definitive scholarly work on the topic of the Israel Lobby in the U.S., though I would caution that it contains some (in my opinion) gratuitous and naïve disinformation and Jew-apologetic comments (even outright nonsense) regarding such things as the events of '9/11,' the work of the 9/11 commission, the so-called Jewish 'Holocaust' of WW II, gun violence and the N.R.A., motivations of pro-Israel forces, Jewish double loyalty, slighting and dismissing of the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,' Jewish media control, anti-Semitism, the 'affordability' of our $3. billion annual tribute paid to Israel, etc.

Still, even with its many seemingly flawed peripheral observations and statements, the book provides a thorough and detailed exposure, explanation, and analysis of the workings and effects of the Israel Lobby. One can only hope that the above-mentioned misconceptions and misstatements (as I have characterized them) were just incidental 'lapses' on the part of the authors resulting from their constant exposure over the years to Jewish lies and propaganda, or a perceived need to placate the Jews in order for the book to be published and reviewed.

Monday, December 1, 2014


We're in a J.A.M.!
(Jew Awareness Month)

by Val Koinen
December 1, 2014

Today marks the beginning of the fourth annual Jew Awareness Month!

Last year I managed to post at least one Jew-Awareness article or spintro each day of the month.  I don't expect that will happen this time around, but no matter -- we are fortunate to have the team of White warriors over at The Daily Stormer doing such an excellent job of keeping our people informed on a daily basis.  They steadfastly post up-to-date articles, analyses, and links relating to a wide variety of racially-aware and Jew-wise information.  It's a good site to read, contribute to, and support at every opportunity.