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Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Friday, September 11, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
September 11, 2015

coward n: one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity
cowardice n: lack of courage or resolution

It may be hard to believe, but there really was a time when White people knew how to speak up for their own interests, how to take and keep what was rightfully theirs, how to keep things under control, how to repel invaders, and how to protect their wives and daughters from being raped by savage 'others.'

But no longer.  In recent years we have seen our Eurocentric societies and cultures – in fact the very Western Civilization our forefathers built – plundered, violated, and ravaged by the complicit and culpable Jews and their colored minions.  It seems that we Whites have just given up in the natural and never-ending struggle for racial, cultural, political, and genetic survival.  Nowadays, it seems we just let the hordes of the colored underclass take whatever they want whenever they want, all at the behest of (and with the prodding of) their Jewish string-pullers.  And we habitually let the Jews exercise inordinate influence over, and in many cases even control of, just about every aspect of our political and electoral process, governance, legal-justice system, foreign policy (including war-making), cultural progression (actually, retrogression), news media, monetary policy/banking/finance, entertainment, and public education.

I am convinced that one problem is that so many of our people have been so affluent for so long.  For so many of us our lives have been so comfortable, and we have been so focused on our hedonistic pursuits and our acquisition of 'things' that we have become far too self-absorbed, fearful of 'making waves' or being 'different,' soft-headed, and just plain soft.  I think I can speak to that tribally errant lifestyle and way of thinking, because for much of my life and even now in some ways I myself have been as guilty as the next man.

Just as a few more egregious examples of the kinds of suicidal behavior I am talking about, I would ask you to consider the facts set out below.  These are the kinds of things we should be absolutely outraged about, over which we should be 'tearing our hair out,' and which we should be 'screaming our heads off' about.  The following 26 items, I would submit, are among the most important:

We allow the schools – via curriculum content, teachers, and textbooks – to teach our children false history and outright lies about our heritage, White vs. non-White accomplishments of every kind, Jewish involvement in historical events, the causes of past wars, the truth about war-crime events, and many other things.  In doing so we compromise and corrupt the education of our White children when it comes to a healthy appreciation of their own racial stock.

As one particularly nefarious example of the above, we allow our schools to teach our children the outrageous lies of the Jewish WW II so-called 'holocaust' fiction (and then we even go so far as to allow the powers-that-be to use our tax dollars in support of all the memorials and museums [the 'indoctrination centers'] to further spread the anti-German and anti-White lies of that preposterous concoction).

More than 70 years after the (non)event, the Jews of the motion picture, television, and publishing industries are still churning out a never-ending (in fact continually increasing) stream of lies about their much cherished 'holocaust.'  By allowing those disgusting enterprises to continue, and even financially supporting them by watching their productions, reading the books, and buying the products of advertisers, we are contributing to the brainwashing of our own people.

We allow our public education system to teach our schoolchildren false, Jew-tainted social science, anthropology, and genetics and speciation; especially when it comes to racial genetic differences, comparative intelligence, performance abilities, and behavior (including impulse control and criminal proclivities) (lies, lies, and more lies that force us to conform to the Jewish agenda by paying undeserved deference to Negroes and other coloreds).

More particularly, we have let our schools and the media hoodwink and brainwash our children with regard to such survival-critical matters as racial reality and awareness, the natural (normal and healthy) essence of 'racism' and 'White pride,' the factual basis for some degree of 'White supremacy,' and the dangers posed to our White societies and Western Civilization by organized Jewry.

We have let the government, the media, and the entertainment industry, all under heavy Jewish influence, instill the debilitating concepts of White guilt and self-hatred in the heads of our people, and in particular our children (for the most part over historical slavery in the U.S. but also because of our dispossession of the American Indian) (and in spite of the facts that [1] both slavery and conquest were common and widespread human activities among essentially all the races at that period of time and over the preceding thousands of years; [2] it was the more civilized White societies [nations] that voluntarily ended slavery, in our case at the terrible cost of our 'Civil War;' and [3] some other peoples, including African Negroes and Israelis, still practice forms of slavery).

As a practical matter, we have let our government and collaborating business interests take away our constitutional rights by demanding the enforcement of 'politically correct' speech and behavior and by denying us our First Amendment rights of truly free speech, and our rights of freedom of association and non-association; and essentially, using so-called 'hate speech' and 'thought crime' concepts to stifle and coerce our righteous social behavior.

We let the Jew-directed Negroes, aided by government, the courts, and the media, attack and destroy our heritage by forcing the removal of such innocuous things as the Confederate battle flag, statues, place names, and monuments because those things 'hurt their feelings.'

We have let the Jews (Israel, their Mossad, and numerous complicit American Jews), together with their lap-dogs Bush and Cheney and other traitorous Shabbos goy American co-conspirators, get away with the tragic crimes of September 11, 2001, in spite of undeniable proof of the 'false flag' nature of those attacks such as the obviously deliberate controlled demolition of Building No. 7, the vertical free-fall of the twin towers themselves, and many other solid lines of evidence.

We let Bush and Cheney and their predominately Jewish neocon henchmen get away with instigating the Afghanistan and Iraq wars of aggression and their phony 'War on Terror' that were based almost entirely on lies and deception and that were instigated for Israeli as opposed to American national interests.  And that have taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens of those countries, provided the excuse for the illegal torturing of countless prisoners, taken the lives of thousands of Americans, maimed and crippled many thousands more, and cost billions of dollars.

And now, we are allowing many of the same people to push us toward insane wars against Syria and Iran (and in fact, we have already let them direct our catastrophic meddling all over the Middle East and in north Africa).

We have allowed the miniscule, malevolent minority of Jews and their money-control virtually 'run' things in our own country – elections and political process, government, the press and other opinion-forming news media, television and movies, the music and other entertainment industries, schools, and finance and banking.

As just one especially outrageous example, we let wealthy Jews like George Soros, Saul Alinsky, and Sheldon Adelson, and a few wealthy gentile elites as well, literally buy the White House and Congress.

We have let the Jews get away with the perversion and degradation of our popular culture – with their porn, gratuitous sex, premature sexualization of our little girls, negrification, White degradation, rampant homosexuality, radical feminism, and other filth and deviance of all kinds.

We have allowed the Jew-owned and –controlled press, Hollywood, and the television industry to churn out a never-ending stream of anti-White (and especially anti-White male) propaganda garbage.

We have let countless Jewish professors and instructors of our publicly funded universities foist their ultraliberal, Marxist, anti-White and anti-American dogma on our impressionable young men and women students.

Day after day, and year after year, we White Americans put up with vastly disproportionate rates of violent crime perpetrated by Negroes on our people – assaults, rape, torture, murder, mob-theft, the 'knockout game,' 'polar bear hunting,' rioting, destroying and burning down businesses and even entire sections of cities; you name it.  We could put a stop to that savage and criminal behavior, or at least drastically reduce it, but we don't.

Day after day and year after year we let the Jewish owned/controlled mainstream media get away with their deliberate (and self-acknowledged) practice of not reporting, underreporting, playing down, and obfuscating the race of the perpetrators when these Black-on-White interracial crimes are committed.

We see the Jewish press, lawyers, and activists, and the local Negro 'officials' and functionaries, aid and abet the Negro thugs, mobs, and communities in their efforts to essentially nullify our law enforcement process in heavily Negro-populated sections of our large cities. And that results in blaming the police for excessive enforcement when the real problem is excessive (out-of-control) Negro crime, and inevitably leads to the ever-increasing assaults on and shootings of police and other White people.

We allow Negroes and mestizos to publicly call out for the killing of policemen and the killing of Whites in general; or at the very least, in the case of the Mexicans, kicking us Whites out of our own country when their La Raza takes over and their Aztlan is established.  And we almost never arrest and prosecute them or otherwise hold them to account for that domestic-terrorist kind of behavior.  In contrast, any White man who dares to utter the most innocuous thing about racial pride or the truth about the nature of Negroes is accused of being a 'racist,' is ostracized, and like as not is kicked out of social organizations and/or fired from his job (even if he apologizes).

We Whites allow, and pay for, 'affirmative action' and other unconstitutional racial preferences that promote Negroes and other minorities over our own people when it comes to such things as job placement and promotions, school admissions, and awarding contracts – thereby literally robbing our people of their positions and futures and taking food out of their babies' mouths.

We accept, and by our patronage support, the Jew media moguls' constant promotion of Negroes on television, in advertising, and in movies; by portraying them in unrealistically wise and knowledgeable, authoritative, benevolent, or otherwise superior and admirable ways, nearly always in conjunction with White people (usually with White women) and in White social settings; or as scientists, leaders, or job supervisors.

We let the Jew-controlled media, and the heavily Jew-influenced government and school system, promote the acceptance and 'normalization' of homosexuality and transgenderism to our children.

Year after year, we allow the invasion of mestizo illegal-aliens to go on virtually unopposed and uncontrolled, with the result that they have now literally 'taken over' entire districts, cities, and large areas of the country.  And due to their influx and their high birth rate, the mestizos are rapidly displacing us Whites as the majority racial group in America.

And of course we have now seen our European cousins virtually surrender to an invasion of Middle-Eastern and African 'refugees,' or 'migrants,' who will in a few short years completely change the face of those once-White homelands and their culture.

We allow our own government to force us to pay taxes to support all kinds of things we – the White majority – abhor, resent, and just flat-out don't want – such things as wars for the Jews, the agenda of sexual perverts and deviants, welfare and affirmative action for the colored underclass, ridiculously high crime rates that require hugely expensive outlays for law enforcement and prisons to control the Negroes and the illegal-alien mestizo invaders, and on and on ad nauseam.


No people, no nation, can expect to survive, let alone prosper, when they allow those kinds of things to be done to them.  Or worse, when they do those kinds of things to themselves.

It's time – it's well past time – that we good, decent White people show our outrage about these things and demand they are brought to a screeching halt and/or that their devastating effects are reversed and remedied.  And that whenever possible, perpetrators are held accountable (i.e., severely punished).

Remember – as U.S. citizens and community members, these kinds of things are being done in our name.  They reflect (badly) on our character and honor.  When our elected and appointed representatives and officials are the cause of these derelictions and crimes, when we fail to 'fire' them and in some cases demand that they be restrained and punished, it is the same as if we ourselves did or are doing these things to our people.  When another member of the community does or contributes to these kinds of things and you fail to put a stop to it, or at the very least object to it, it means that you condone or even approve of the anti-White behavior.  It is somewhat like knowing your next-door neighbor is abusing his little girl every Friday night when he gets drunk and you do nothing to put a stop to it.

In years gone by, this kind of misbehavior on the part of an elitist clique who thought they were 'in charge' might have been enough to cause their victims to break out the torches and pitchforks; round up the bucket, tar, and feathers; cock their rifles; and then either throw a rope over a tree branch or throw the miscreants in jail, try them for treason, convict them, and take them out and hang them from trees and lampposts.  Or, on a larger scale, they might even have, if they felt the need, started marching toward revolution or civil war.

But it seems that nowadays the preferred 'action' is to say nothing, do nothing, or at the most just grumble about it over beers and maybe mutter some tough-talk about the terrible consequences that would come down 'if I had anything to say about it.'

So what can we do here and now, in the year 2015?  Well, first off, I'm not suggesting or advocating that we should take the law into our own hands quite yet, or do anything illegal.  This is not the lawless frontier of the nineteenth century, after all, and no one has the right to expect any one of us to martyr themselves for the 'cause.'

But there are things we can do, or at least do differently:
  • We can live honorable and productive lives, and do our best to raise children in a way that will help them do the same.
  • We can develop a well justified mental attitude that we are 'mad as hell' and that we 'aren't going to take it anymore!'
  • We can be racially aware and proud to be White, and develop a White Nationalist worldview based on objective reality; and we can teach our children to appreciate those values and to resist anti-White brainwashing in the schools and from their peers.
  • We can resolve that, when the situation justifies it, and to the extent our actions are legal, we will use force – even deadly force – to protect ourselves, our families, our property, and our neighbors from unlawful trespasses and attacks.
  • We can take positions that benefit our own family, friends, and other White people, and we can be outspoken in our pronouncement and defense of those positions.
  • We can talk, talk, and talk some more about these matters to friends and family – educating them by presenting our concerns and positions as calmly, objectively, and rationally as we possibly can.
  • We can study and become ever more knowledgeable about these all-important matters by visiting websites and buying (and then actually reading) books that will help us understand true history and the Jewish menace.
  • We can, to the extent our resources allow, support White Nationalist websites and blogs, publishers, gatherings, speakers, and leaders.
  • To the extent our individual circumstances allow, we can advocate our positions at school board meetings and parent-teacher conferences, by contributing articles to websites and blogs, by participating in flier distributions, by writing letters-to-the-editor, and by calling in to talk shows.
  • We can be steadfast in voting for candidates and propositions that are good for White people, promote the candidacies of good White people, and when possible, run for public office ourselves.
  • To the extent possible, and whenever possible, we should never hesitate to point out injustices done to our people, and insist that the perpetrators be held accountable (maybe even apprehended and prosecuted); or to 'call out' Jewish and non-White crimes, lies, anti-White propaganda and behavior, and all other manner of anti-White transgressions.
  • We can call, write, and speak up at town-hall meetings, and otherwise incessantly 'hound' our elected representatives to constantly remind them that if they don't start looking after the interests of the White majority we will dump them in the political gutter at the next election (if we don't recall them first).  (Be respectful and polite, but be firm and insistent – always be mindful that they work for you, and let them know that you mean business.)
  • And in particular, we can emphatically communicate to our elected representatives that we Whites are still the majority racial group in America and we intend to maintain that position – and that we will not tolerate any further erosion of that position via non-White immigration or favoritism of any kind.
  • I know there are real-life job, career, social, financial, and legal constraints – but to the extent possible, always make it clear that you are proud to be White, and that yes, you are a White Nationalist, racially aware, and Jew-wise.
  • Do your best to generate interest and awareness among our people – make it a routine habit to pass on links to good news articles, essays, and videos you see on the web.  And tell people about the informative books you read.
  • We can all try to build up some kind of 'strength in numbers' by making a real effort to meet and socialize with like-minded White people and by joining White Nationalist groups, forums, and associations (keeping your eye out for trolls and infiltrators, of course).
Let's all start fighting back in any way we can.  We can start by remembering the '14 words' of David Lane:  'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.'

It's sad to say, but the fact is:  if we are too timid to speak up for our own interests, and speak out about these critically important matters, we are already doomed to being subjected, exploited, and brutalized by the darker masses, and to eventual extinction.  The plain fact of the matter is that we Whites need to be more stridently vocal about these things, and we need to be prepared to take tough, even ruthless action when called for.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
September 6, 2015

Damn, I get tired of this transgender-promoting cultural Marxism in the Jew-controlled mainstream media.  It's like waking up every morning in the middle of an arena-sized insane asylum.

Teen Biological Male 'Lila' Perry
Teen Biological Male 'Lila' Perry

Room for her in locker room?  Bathroom access for transgender teen divides Missouri town

Here is the full article on CNN.

There is no question this is one confused teenager.  But dammit, it's not a her.  It's not a she.

He might think he's a girl.  He might wish he was a girl.  He might want, more than anything else, to be a member of the 'fair sex.'  But he's not!  Just like that phony POS Bruce Jenner, this person is still carrying around his male package.  He's got the voice of a typical young man in puberty.  He is physically a male.  He has the genes of a male.

You know what he needs?  What would do him a hell of a lot more good than undressing in a girl's locker room and furtively enjoying (sneaking peeks at) all the fantastic scenery there?
He needs his father to provide him with a healthy dose of masculinity by taking him out in the back yard with an axe, a saw, maybe a chainsaw, and a wheelbarrow, and teaching him something about maleness by showing him how to cut down and remove that fallen-down tree branch.  And then his dad might even make him mow the lawn.

But whatever his problems, and however he finally manages to work through them, there's absolutely nothing in this story which justifies all the favorable transgender-promoting tone and language used in this featured story on CNN.

But don't stop with that story.  Check out all the articles about the illegal 'refugee' invasion and destruction of Europe.  No end to the guilt-tripping, tear-jerker, 'what more we need to do,' 'how you can help' messages of White suicide and genocide.  But never any serious discussion of what needs to be done to repel this invasion and save White Europe and Western Civilization.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
September 2, 2015

Look at the photo of Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir, the very attractive young Icelandic lady featured in the following article:

She looks bright enough, wouldn't you say?  She certainly doesn't look like she is an imbecile, a moron, just garden-variety stupid, or a sufferer of some other kind of mental disease or deficiency.

And, just based on this one photo, I would never have suspected she might be a totally mush-headed, delusional advocate of universal, pathological altruism; the position of so many deracinated, mad, and suicidal White people in all the once-White nations that are (were?) the modern foundations of Western Civilization.

And looking at her photo I would never in a thousand years have guessed she was an evil, self-hating, guilt-ridden, willing accomplice in the ongoing Jewish efforts to destroy the racial solidarity of White nations and in fact to effectively genocide the White people of the world (her people) by way of their genetic contamination and eventual destruction through immigration-invasions of non-White aliens into all the White countries including her own small, sparsely populated island nation of Iceland.

And last but not least, I would never have guessed, from her appearance, that she could be the kind of person who would take depraved, sadistic pleasure in seeing the little children, the young women, the wives and mothers of her own people, and even many of the men; raped, beaten, tortured, and murdered by uncivilized, criminal aliens of the darker races from foreign lands and cultures.

But what is one to think when one learns of her positions on the immigration issue, her activism, and her proclivities for anti-White immigration policies?  Does she really believe that bringing even just a few thousand of these people into Iceland would not irretrievably change the racial character of her country of just over 300,000 people, almost all White, in a seriously negative way from their standpoint?  Do you really suppose she would insist on limiting immigration of these non-White invaders to 10,000?  Or would she soon come to realize that Iceland could only make a real difference if it took in 50,000?  Or 100,000?  Would she soon come to realize how unfair it would be for Iceland to only allow the immigration of Syrian refugees?  And would she then begin advocating for the admission of their 'fair share' of the black Africans who are, right now, pouring into the other European nations by the hundreds of thousands?  Do you suppose she has even allowed herself to learn the truth about all the savage ravages of White natives perpetrated by the colored hordes that have been pouring into the other Scandinavian countries, the nations of mainland Europe, and Great Britain?

One would think and hope that, after insisting she thoroughly divulge her positions, her intentions and motivations, and the limits (if any) she would put on the insane immigration practices she seems to be advocating; the Icelandic people would demand also that she address and justify those things in some kind of public medium, forum, or debate.

Okay, so much for the sadly mis-motivated Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir.  The larger problem seems to be the 10,000 respondents to her Facebook campaign who said they would take these Syrian refugees into their homes.  What in the world is the matter with them?  It's hard to believe that most or all of them are idiots/fools/hopeless ultraliberals/suicidal nutcases/delusional anti-White race-traitors, or what have you.  I surely don't have the answer, but it seems to have the smell of some kind of self-destructive mass psychosis, doesn't it?  Or maybe it's the volcanoes -- maybe it's something in the air, or the water?

Oh, yes, there is one remaining issue involved here.  Many White Nationalists take the position that, due to their genetic makeup, the females of our subspecies cause many of our racial survival troubles with their capacity for weak, 'caring,' and misdirected thinking, behavior, activities, and voting.  The above article would certainly appear to substantiate that assessment.  Here we have three different females -- the writer/activist, a single mother, and the country's Welfare Minister -- who all seem perfectly willing to forsake and destroy the very essence of their own people just because they sympathize with the plight of some non-Whites fleeing from their failed Middle-Eastern society.  It does make you wonder, doesn't it -- how many of the other 10,000 respondents were women?

Updated article on Press TV here.  It doesn't get any better.  In fact, to me, it reads kind of like an obituary.