White People Worldwide:

Resist or regret
Work for what's good for our people
Help stem the dark tide
Stand tall or be beat down
Fight back or die

Monday, December 23, 2019


Knowledge is Power in Our Struggle for Racial Survival
(Information that should be shared with as many of our people as possible -- do your part to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media -- pass it on and spread the word)

by Val Koinen
December 23, 2019

Just in time for Christmas and the formulation of New Year's resolutions, I give you this 'to-do list for White people' -- thirty things we should do to help save our race, our White nations, our future, and Western Civilization itself.  At the very least, some serious attention to these long overdue actions would be sure to drastically improve our White societies, our life experiences, our happiness and life satisfaction, our genetic well-being, and our future development and advancement as a people.  [Along with brief commentary in each case regarding the terrible consequences of failing to attend smartly and strenuously to these matters.]

(1)  We must restore the concepts of White legitimacy and White racial pride in our people, and we can start by properly teaching our children the truth about our history, heritage, culture, accomplishments, and yes, our shortcomings.  Along with that effort, we need to protect and preserve for posterity our historical literature, statuary and other art, street and place names, holidays, and other celebrations and institutions.  [Most every other race/tribe does that or at least works at it.  Because we have failed so miserably to do that in recent years, we have already seen much of our legacy stripped away, and it keeps getting worse almost on a daily basis.]

(2)  We need to reinstitute (including re-normalize) White racial 'toughness' (vs. warm-and-fuzzy, feel-good 'wimpism' and even cowardliness) -- especially the masculine version, but among our women as well.  We also need to generate the will to fix the things that have gone awry.  We must be much stronger in dealing with (and defending ourselves against) our hostile minorities (race relations); and racial survival strategies.  The same toughened stance must be taken against socialistic politics and governance and Jewish anti-White depravities and aggressiveness.  [Some fine patriots, minutemen, frontiersmen, and Vikings we have turned out to be -- far too many of our people have increasingly become Jew lackeys, race-traitors, and a suicidal gaggle of complacent sheep being led to their slaughter.]

(3)  It is imperative that we absolutely put a stop to racially suicidal behavior, the passive acceptance of our racial dispossession and displacement, and the White genocide being waged against us by the Jews and their minions.  That includes getting control of (and largely eliminating) all non-White immigration into our White nations.  [A war of extermination (genocide) is being waged against us and it would seem that altogether too many of us either don't know it, won't admit it, choose to ignore it, or are too cowardly to fight it.  If we don't do something about that, and do it now, it will mean the end of the White race, the most beautiful and accomplished subspecies of humanity to ever inhabit the planet.]

(4)  We need to find ways to promote and insure adherence to the truth in all things -- public and private discourse, interpersonal relationships, politics and government, education, business dealings, and media. We need to teach and persuade our people to talk the truth, respect and revere the truth, teach the truth, and live truthful lives.  [As just one example of what happens when we fail to do that -- far too many of us seem perfectly content with having lies and propaganda shoved in our faces and fed to us on a daily basis by our government and by the Jew-controlled press and other media.]

(5)  We absolutely have to retake control of our media, including online-social, press (print and electronic), book and magazine publishing, television, movies, and music.  [Or, just continue to do things in the 'modern' way of allowing the Jews to use those venues to censor, censure, brainwash, and destroy us.]

(6)  We must retake control of our public education system (kindergarten through university) by racially resegregating in the manner and to the extent that best fits our needs.  We must guarantee that our schools and textbooks do not teach our White children lies regarding critically important matters such as White history and heritage (and in particular the true history of World War II and the Jewish so-called 'holocaust') (we have allowed ourselves to be held far too long in the orchestrated Jewish clutches of the 'holohoax' scam).  We must make our children aware of the Jewish problem in its entirety and of racial realities.  We need to de-Jewify and de-liberalize the schools. [Or, we can just continue to let our children be brainwashed by the leftists and race-traitors, and allow the Negroes and other non-Whites to continue to retard their educations, harass and assault them (and worse), and destroy our costly education infrastructure.]

(7)  For that matter, we must retake control of our own children with regard to their interests, activities, spending, choice of attire, tattoos, piercings, hair styles and coloration, etc.  [Or -- just continue to let our children and their peers and their adult influencers such as teachers and Jewish music industry moguls dictate how they will behave, how we perform as parents and families, how we utilize our family resources, how we maintain White traditions (or fail to do so), and how we as a people will determine our future.]

(8)  We have to return the U.S. (and other White nations so far as applicable) to representative, constitutional, republican forms of government as opposed to one-man one-vote so-called 'democracies' (mob rule by the 'lessers').  [Or, alternately, as we are doing now -- let the Jews and their colored minions rule over us.]

(9)  More specifically and particularly with regard to the Jews: it is imperative that we solve and 'handle' the Jewish problem by controlling if not eliminating their multitudinous transgressions against the White race and White societies.  We have to find ways to legally disempower them, as it were, with regard to such things as: politics and governance, teaching our children lies, warmongering, finance (banking, investments, etc.), media control and influence of every kind, degrading and destructive cultural influences of all kinds, influence over immigration and racial matters, and more.  Eventually, we should expel (relocate) a good many of them -- rid our White societies of their pernicious, anti-White conduct.  [Or -- we can continue to allow the Jews to dominate, dispossess, and destroy us (White genocide).]

(10)  As an 'aside,' with regard to the Jews: we Whites should, however, with absolutely no compunctions or apologies, learn and continue to take full advantage of smart and clever Jewish innovation, systems, and achievements in such areas as finance, business, commerce, science and medicine, in-group promotion, and self-preservation. [There is absolutely no reason we shouldn't take advantage of any positive aspects of their presence in our societies.  After all, while we are completely justified in considering the vast majority of them to be our eternal enemies as a group, they are not all guilty.  And, we Whites have already paid dearly, many times over, for any benefits that may be derived from their presence in our nations.]

(11)  We must curtail and control (severely limit) the spread of such nefarious and destructive movements as radical liberalism, radical feminism, universal and pathological altruism, legally mandated 'political correctness,' leftism, socialism, cultural Marxism, and political/economic communism in our societies and our governments.  [Or, if we do not do that, we will allow those beliefs and behaviors (and actions) to chip away at our chosen and cherished systems until they are utterly ruined.]

(12)  We need to better control (and do away with to the extent possible) investment, banking, and financial trickery and gimmickry on the part of the heavily Jewish 'elite one-percent.'  In that regard, we should critically examine such things as stock manipulation, rampant speculation, insider trading, arbitrary interest-rate manipulation, derivative manipulation, margin trading, futures trading, arbitrage, subprime mortgage lending and 'bundling,' fractional-reserve banking, government regulators' giving 'too big to fail' passes and bail-outs for financial criminality, gold price and other market manipulation, and other unnecessary and damaging practices.  And we should 'audit the Fed' and then do away with the Jew-dominated so-called Federal Reserve Banking system.  [I would suggest that honest improvement in these areas is essential if we want to give middle-class White Americans a chance to prosper under our capitalist system.]

(13)  We need to order our societies so as to align with the truth about racial reality -- we should no longer put up with multiracial and multicultural so-called 'diversity is our strength' scams.  We should re-enact and enforce laws prohibiting miscegenation.  And we should put an end to our governments' bleeding White people to death and infringing on their rights in order to benefit Negroes and other non-Whites.  [Or, alternately, let our societies, cities, and countries become more and more like Detroit, East St. Louis, Mestizo districts of Los Angeles, Haiti, failed African countries, and Mexico and many other Latin American countries.]

(14)  More particularly, we must discourage, disincentivize, and when compatible with First Amendment rights put a stop to the Negrification of our societies, our culture, and our racial integrity as regards entertainment, television shows and commercials, print media advertising, movies, books, etc.  We are not a 'Negro nation.'  [Simply must be done if we are to have any hope of preventing the complete loss of our beautiful White, Eurocentric heritage and culture.]

(15)  We need to reinstate our freedom of non-association via racial resegregation of schools, housing, White organizations of all kinds, hiring and jobs, etc.  [Again, our country was founded as, and at least for the time being continues to be, a White nation; we simply cannot allow our people to be forced to live in a Jewish-controlled Negro/Mestizo/Muslim country.]

(16)  Law enforcement -- we need to clamp down hard on Negro, Mestizo, Muslim, and other non-White crime (rigorous enforcement of our laws) -- in order to better ensure the safety and well-being and the prosperity of our people.  [We must do whatever we need to do in order to put a complete and absolute stop to the harassment, robbery, assault and battery, rape, and murder of our people by the generally more savage, White-hating 'colored' underclass.]

(17)  As a corollary to that effort, we should legally disarm our criminally inclined non-White population at the same time we strengthen our resolve to never give up our constitutional right to keep and bear arms under the second amendment.  [If we ever lose those rights, or even if we just continue to let them be significantly weakened, at some point in the not-too-distant-future we Whites will very likely be even more wantonly murdered as were the French in Haiti, the Russian people in the early part of the twentieth century when the Jew-dominated communists took control, and the farmers of Rhodesia and South Africa.]

(18)  We must put a stop to Negro (and other non-White) special, minority-based racial preferences in jobs and education; their bogus 'glorification' in schools, media, and government edicts; so-called 'affirmative action;' etc.  [Or -- live in a country where our own people are constantly and forever discriminated against in essentially all aspects of their lives (penalized just for being White) (it is already happening).]

(19)  If we hope to survive, we absolutely must find ways to gradually reduce the relative numbers of non-Whites (and especially Negroes, Mestizos, and Muslims) in our nations (probably primarily by implementing fair, humane, and equitable 'ethnic cleansing' laws and policies).  [What's that?  You think 'ethnic cleansing' is a little too severe and uncaring?  Well, just what do you think it is that the Jews and their armies of darkies are doing to us?  You racially unaware and 'anti-racist' people simply have got to wake up and get your heads out of your nether-regions!]

(20)  With regard specifically to Mestizos (Mexican and other Latin American) -- it is imperative that we put a stop to their invasion of our country, via both quasi-legal and illegal immigration; by sealing our borders, judicially imposed deportation, putting a stop to and revoking so-called 'birthright citizenship,' and other means.  [The alternative is to allow many parts of our country to be completely overrun and overwhelmed by them and to have more and more cities turned into third-world barrios like large portions of Los Angeles and other places.]

(21)  We need to get and maintain control of the Muslim (so-called 'refugee') situation in the U.S., Europe, and other White-majority nations --including, by prohibiting immigration (invasion); prohibiting the practice of their Sharia law; facilitating general deportations to countries of origin; and otherwise.  [Unless, of course, we would prefer to let them, too, overwhelm our cities and dictate what foods we eat; and should we choose to condone Muslim-style 'honor killings,' female circumcision (sexual mutilation), and the like.]

(22)  We need to collectively grow a spine and dispense with the nonsense of our people being sanctioned (penalized, punished) legally, socially, and economically merely for discussing and analyzing racial realities and Jew-truth.  And for speaking the truth about historical events; being the least bit critical of other races, Israel, or sexual deviates and perverts; and advocating 'what's good for Whites.'  And we must put a stop to government spying on everything we do and say, devising ways to curtail our thinking and behavior, and unjustly punishing us in this digital age of email, online social media, artificial intelligence, and the 'cloud.' [While other racial groups and tribes are allowed -- even encouraged and financially supported -- to spout whatever hate and vulgar and viscious lies they want to vent about the White people they hate so much while at the same time insisting that they have the right to soak up the benefits of our society.]

(23)  We should reinstitute the judicious practice of eugenics as applied to our own people (of both the positive and perhaps even some 'negative' varieties) -- enact laws and put well-considered and just programs into effect in order to enhance the better qualities of White racial existence.  [Contrary to the propaganda we have been exposed to since the WW II era, there is nothing at all wrong with practicing reasonable, humane, and science-based self-improvement measures.]

(24)  In order to preserve both the mental and physical health of our White societies, we should do whatever we can to put a stop to the ascendancy and proliferation of homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, bestiality, and other sexual perversions. We should prohibit the promotion, privilege, normalization, popularization, and glorification of, and legally mandating our acceptance of, those practices.  [Or else -- we will be destined to persist in this insanity and it will only get worse.  Even now, we see a deluge of same-sex 'marriage,' men competing as transsexual 'women' in athletics, men using women's toilet facilities frequented by our little girls, young children being counselled to undergo sex changes, and the exposing of our little children to the proclaimed 'alternate-lifestyle legitimacy' of men sucking on other men's penises and inserting their penises in other men's rectums.]

(25)  We should make a real effort to discourage, in fact to eliminate so far as possible, the radical feminization of our women -- excessive 'me-tooism' (wherein actions common to courtship and normal male/female mating behavior are forbidden and punished); their maniacally excessive striving for political empowerment (power-madness); their unnatural self-loathing and gender denial; their hatred of men and (male) masculinity; and the like.  We need to return to a more traditional culture that encourages our girls and young women to value, and want to become, wives and mothers and homemakers instead of desperately trying to compete with men in the workplace (even in many distinctly masculine occupations).  [How many men have been cheated out of an opportunity to support a family because affirmative-action women have been given the jobs that could and should have been given to them?  How many injuries have been sustained and lives lost and properties destroyed because women just weren't capable of doing the physically demanding jobs of soldiers and firefighters and police officers?  How many children have been deprived of the joys and benefits of having a non-career-involved mother in their homes?]

(26)  We need to find ways to reinvigorate the nuclear family as the bedrock foundation of our White societies -- families consisting of a married father and mother (one man and one woman) and their children.  [It just seems these days as though such things as electronic social media communications with non-family 'outsiders;' excessive sports-figure worship; celebrity glorification; the horribly misguided need to be constantly entertained; mentally and emotionally disturbing (oftentimes Negroid) noise that passes as music; drug use; and going overboard with consumer craziness have taken the place of quality family time for our children and many young adults (including young parents) as well.]

(27)  We absolutely must encourage and incentivize White couples to have at least 2-3 children (to get married and establish stable households and have kids, not dogs).  [Considering our inadequate and stagnant White birthrates, alongside the comparatively out-of-control birthrates of several of the darker minority groups, demographics alone will ensure that White people will diminish and eventually disappear from their own nations if we fail to correct this situation.]

(28)  We must do everything within our power (including the imposition of extremely severe judicially determined punishment) in order to eliminate hard-core pornography and especially its commercial proliferation and exposure/distribution to and exploitation of children.  That effort should include, to reasonable extent, such other things as so-called 'soft porn' made available to minors, excessive sexualization in advertising, and the premature sexualization of children.  [As usual, the Jews have been the driving force behind those transgressions, but our 'colored' population and we Whites ourselves have been a big part of the problem, and all dimensions of the problem must be addressed.]

(29)  We need to figure out what to do about our women's politically and socially lethal tendency to vote emotionally and disproportionately for liberal, anti-White (and especially anti-White-male) issues, agendas, and candidates.  We need to ask ourselves -- do we have to give serious consideration to disenfranchising, or at least limiting the voting power of some of our women in some way in order to prevent, in the future, the constant damage done by that situation?  [It is indisputable that women vote disproportionately for White-society-threatening and oftentimes rabid liberals and socialists, non-Whites of all stripes, Muslims, Jews, sexual deviates, and above all, the vaginal versions of all those types and others based just on that particular physical endowment instead of on the merits of the person and their positions on critical issues.]

(30)  Last but not least, we Whites need to make a very real, rationally targeted effort to improve the quality of our own people by correcting a good many of our own faults.  We need to do our best to limit or even eliminate, where possible, such less-than-admirable and in fact harmful behavior as (just as a few examples): obesity; doping and the resulting tendency of so many of our young people to drop out of functional, productive society; excessive drinking and alcoholism; excessive gambling; criminality in general; and unethical, greedy, and predatory business practices (the 'we're all Jews now' problem).  (I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.) [Let's face it -- if we can't find ways to improve upon these and a host of other 'little things,' we don't have much of a chance of reordering our severely damaged White societies in the critical, survival-dependent areas that make up the body of this essay.  And if we can't do that, we are not going to survive.  (And think about this, too -- just maybe we could do a better job of self-improvement in those areas if we weren't so burdened with the problems that are discussed above.)]

What's that, gentle reader?  You think my solutions are a wee bit too harsh?  Maybe some of them even a little too 'Hitlerian' for your taste?  Well, consider this: we White people the world over are backed into a corner, over a barrel, have our backs against the wall, and have the boots of both the lawbreakers and of anti-White authoritarian government in our faces virtually every waking hour.  Just pay a little attention to all the anti-straight-White things that are reported every day in spite of Jewish control of the media.  The laughably unwarranted glorification of Negroes and other minorities on television and in movies and print ads.  The normalization and ascendancy of queers and transvestites and their perverse proclivities (and the way those things are being promoted to our children).  The way Whites are punished for speaking, even thinking, any critical truth about virtually anything having to do with race, Jews, or governance.  The terrible ways in which our little children are brainwashed and held back and even physically tortured just by having to attend public schools in many places across the country.  The vastly disproportionate numbers of our wives, daughters, and mothers that are harassed, assaulted, raped, and murdered by blacks.  The numbers of our people killed and maimed by Mestizo drunk drivers.  The outrageous extent to which we Whites are taxed excessively so that our government can spend countless billions of (our) dollars on minority welfare and imprisonment, throwing money at failed states all over the world, financing and carrying out never-ending and unnecessary wars (including wars for Israel in the Middle East), and giving billions to the Israelis.  These things have to change; we have to change them.  And we can hardly do that if we continue to put more thought, money, and other resources into saving the snail darters and the spotted owls than we do into saving our own people -- White people.